About Me

Hi, I’m Austin.

After beginning my career in the field of IT, I soon developed a strong passion for coding. Through self-study, I gained expertise in creating workflow automation scripts and designing new processes for programmatic audio digitization. I also gained experience as a PHP developer, where I developed and managed various web applications and SQL databases. During a break from my career in development, I founded and operated my own e-commerce company, where I gained valuable insights into the world of business data. These experiences led me to return to school to earn a degree in Advertising, and I hope to merge my development skills with my advertising knowledge to pursue a career in Advertising Analytics and Strategy.

In my spare time I love to read, make art, and tinker with retro technology. Sometimes I geek out over office supplies and well-designed books. I am also lucky enough to be married to the beautiful, unstoppable Janiece Dixon.