Adventures in Commodore 64

I consider myself something of a videogame historian: I like to collect and restore vintage computers, and then run original games on the original hardware. One of my recent adventures has been exploring the world of Commodore 64’s. I purchased my first C64 from a local Frameshop that used it as their primary computer for about 32 years, until the store owner recently passed away. The new owner wasn’t interested in using a Commodore as her Point-Of-Sale system, so she sold me the computer and even threw in the POS software (on a 5.25″ floppy) that the previous owner had written himself.

Since I now own the only copy of this software, I felt that I should try preserving it. To that end, I began experimenting, and I was eventually able to use a SD2IEC in combination with CBM Command to save a d64 image of the floppy disk onto a SD card. Then, I uploaded the Frameshop POS to Internet Archive.

While I was at it, I also uploaded some other obscure C64 files I happen to have in my collection: COSMI Top 20 Tools for Commodore 64/128 (has a neat spinning menu), and MFJ MultiCom64 (software for controlling Ham Radio).