Brand Purpose
To enrich the lives of our customers, while promoting positive body confidence.
Brand History
Dove is a personal care brand owned by Unilever that was introduced in North America in 1957. Their
product line includes skin cleansers, hair care, deodorants, and skin care. Dove is a socially
conscious company committed to redefining beauty and creating positive body image trends.

Brand Vision
To be the leading premium personal-care products brand while making women feel beautiful and

Brand Mission
Offer consumers natural, healthy personal care products while encouraging self-care and promoting
new standards of beauty. Also to raise awareness, both socially and academically, of body
confidence issues.

Brand Values
• self-care
• positive self-image
• redefining “beauty”
• academic discourse over body confidence

Brand Personality
real, meaningful, caring, healthy, beautiful

Brand Offering
The primary ingredient in Dove products are synthetic surfactants, which offer many benefits to
traditional soaps, including not drying out the skin. Combining these surfactants with cream has
given Dove a reputation for being healthy and hydrating for the skin.

Brand Audience
Dove is primarily targeted at women in the 24-40 years age group who are concerned about skin care
and have the purchasing power to spend extra for a premium product.

Brand Benefits
Having an increased sense of personal beauty and self- esteem. Contributing to a global
conversation over beauty standards and diversity. Caring for yourself physically and mentally to a
higher degree.