Dove is primarily targeted at women in the 24-40 years age group who are concerned about skin care
and have the purchasing power to spend extra for a premium product.

Some consumers might associate Dove with other Unilever brands that have contradictory advertising
philosophies. These consumers might believe Dove is insincere in their messaging, or come to think the Dove
products are not as healthy or wholesome as they claim to be.

These consumers take extra care of their body, hair, and physical/mental wellbeing. They are
willing to spend more on a high-quality product that makes them feel more beautiful or confident.
They also appreciate when companies champion social causes that affect them, like cultural beauty
standards or body confidence issues.

Dove products are made with synthetic surfactants and cream, making healthy and hydrating for the
skin. Dove has also cultivated a large network of partners to promote positive body confidence and
challenge social norms on a global scale.

We want our target audience to think that Dove products are healthy, both for skin and mental

We want customers to feel beautiful and confident when they use Dove products.

We want our audience to choose Dove products over our competitors.

For female consumers who want to care for their physical and mental wellbeing, Dove offers a wide
variety of natural, healthy personal care products while encouraging self-care and promoting new
standards of real beauty. Dove also sets themselves apart from their competitors by raising
awareness globally, both socially and academically, of body confidence issues.