Gillette’s primary customers are “Gen X” and “Gen Y” men who prefer to keep a well-groomed and/or
professional appearance.

Our target audience is hungry to try shaving innovations, and may turn to new entrants believing
they offer something new and exciting instead of staying loyal to our established brand.

Gillette’s primary customers attach importance to personal grooming, skin maintenance, and their
self-image. They value the convenience of being able to shave at home quickly and easily. This
customer segment is willing to pay a premium price for quality personal grooming products and are
eager to try new innovations.

Gillette has a long history of product innovation and are often the first to introduce new features
to the market. Gillette continually augments their core product and are the
trend-setters in the disposable shaving industry.

We want our target audience to think that Gillette products are high performing and innovative.

We want customers to feel masculine and confident when they use Gillette products.

We want our audience to choose Gillette products over our competitors.

For consumers who want high performing shaving products, Gillette offers a wide variety of
innovative products that allow men to feel masculine and confident as they shave.
Gillette also sets themselves apart from their competitors by constantly augmenting their razors
with new advanced features, establishing their position as the pioneers of the industry.