Ham Shack

I passed my Amateur Radio Technician license a couple of months ago (N4NEC), and I’ve just completed making a proper ham shack for myself. I installed a vertical dual-band 2m/70cm antenna on my roof, on top of a 10-foot mast (using a chain link top-rail). I built a window pass-through using pvc board to route the coaxial cable (LMR-400) into the house, and I grounded it with 8ft of copper grounding rod. I have a mobile Yaesu with an Astron RS-20A power supply, and I bought a WW2 Jeep Field Speaker at a local hamfest for $5 that I re-wired it to use as my external speaker. I also have an SDRplay setup which is great for scanning frequencies visually.

Next I’d like to get setup for HF, but for now I’m enjoying 2m.