Pencil Thoughts

A page too perfect perhaps
I mar you with my graphite scratch
And drag my thoughts across your plain
Curiouser with every smudge and stain

Rather Be A Poem

I’d rather be a poem than a poet
And exist in perfect rhyme
Latched firmly to human imagination
In realms of lyrical quotation
And versed harmonically line by line


She shatters sunshine with her eyes
When she breaks down and cries
I watch every shifting shade of light
Curve down her cheek
As rainbows puddle at her feet

Silver Lining Girl

I’ve spent a lifetime on the shelf
And that’s a long time by myself.
The way you looked last night skips in my mind.

You were in the corner shining, like a silver lining
I knew you were my silver lining girl

Grounded to your eyes
I almost realized
The reason I smile when I think about my life.
But the watery parts of the world
Curled up in my dreams
And rattled my heartstrings;
Teased me till I drowned.

I watched the universe divine spin around your silver lines
But if I let your beauty in,
It’s almost sinful how it lets me down.

I’ve spent a lifetime on reservation
Looking for some new salvation
And it’s been heartbreaking waiting for the clouds to shine.

Post-Apocalyptic With You

I want to be in a post-apocalyptic
World with you
Safe inside
A fallout shelter built for two
It’s nuclear winter every day
But I’m never blue
Because I’m with you

And if the human race
Float away in shuttles
And get their jollies
Staring down at us from space
I would not care
Because I’m here with you

Eating blue
Caterpillar goo
In a post-apocalyptic
World with you

Blue Caterpillar Goo

Such a terribly quizzical sort,
Always asking “why this?” or “why that?”
To which I’d retort
The very first thing that entered my head
So I was not surprised at all when she said:
If the world was destroyed by nuclear explosion
And all the flora and fauna where mutated horribly
By the ensuing genetic erosion,
And assuming the caterpillars were all turned unusually blue,
Would you crush them and mush them
And slurp up the goo?

But I was thinking of a way to build robotic chickens
One might send on mutated-monkey killing missions,
So I didn’t hear the question she asked,
But she asked me again, and this time I heard her at last.
What’s this,”  I replied, “eat caterpillar goo?
Why of course. Of course child, that’s just what Iā€™d do!
If the world were to end in such a nuclear fashion
I believe I’d eat blue caterpillar goo with a passion!
I’d smear it on crackers and eat them in bed.
I’d make blue caterpillar shampoo
And pour it all over my head.
I’d make caterpillar cream, yes wrinkle cream lotion!
That’s what I’d do, if the world were to end in a nuclear explosion.

But she seemed disinterested in my replay,
And just nodded her head and curtly told me goodbye.

Looking Glass

Such a sadness, her looking glass soul
How it shines with pure reflection
That fragile silver
Pure of original expression
Refined too perfectly, perhaps
So soon it tarnishes and cracks