Brand Vision
Be the communication platform of choice for younger generations seeking a more personal, visual
style of communication.

Brand Mission
Offer a platform where users can engage with each other socially in a way that is safe, fun, and
fosters carefree communication.

Brand Offering
Snapchat at its core is an instant messaging platform where visual messages appear only for a short
time on the recipient’s device and then disappear.

Brand Audience
Snapchat’s primary users are females aged 18-24 who prefer to use Snapchat as a proxy for texting
that is more visual and personal than flat text.

Brand Values
• privacy
• personal expression
• carefree communication
• quirky fun

Brand Personality
Ephemeral, Fun, Carefree, Visual, Youthful

Brand Benefits
The increased communication personalization that allow conversations to feel more personal and
emotional. The freedom to communicate with less caution.