Snapchat’s primary users are females aged 18-24 who prefer to use Snapchat as a proxy for texting.

Despite many attempts to develop Snapchat into a more rounded, robust social media platform that
can be a traditional camera app replacement, users continue to use it solely as a messaging
platform. Features that cost a great sum of money to develop and implement are left ignored and
unused by most users.

Our audience enjoy the increased communication personalization afforded them by the many visual
features of Snapchat that allow conversations to feel more personal and emotional than flat text.

Unlike other camera apps, Snapchat users can edit and share photos on the same platform they took
their images on. And by forcing the images to be ephemeral, the Snapchat app fosters a
communication style that is looser, less encumbered by the fear of perpetual viewing. Images that
are sillier, grosser, or more sexual than what a person would typically be comfortable messaging
can be sent to recipients using Snapchat with less caution.

We want our target audience to think that Snapchat is the superior platform for taking and sharing
mobile photos.

We want customers to feel creative and care-free when they use Snapchat.

We want our audience to choose Snapchat over other camera apps.

For users who want to take, edit, and share images on their mobile devices, Snapchat offers a wide
variety of visual features that allow users to be more creative and fun with their communication.
Snapchat also sets themselves apart from their competitors by providing a safe platform where users
have control over their content and can send images more care-freely.